Hero & Demon.png
Heroic and Demonic
Gender Male/Female
Race Human
Affiliation Pure-Blades
Appearances Bound By Flame
Hero is the protagonist and a mercenary of the Pure-Blades in Bound By Flame. He is on a mission to protect a ground of Red Mages to may have identified a method of defeating the Lords of Ice. Their mission directly opposes that of the Deadarmy and thus are seen as an enemy to one another.

[edit] Possession

Early in the game, the Hero will become possessed by a Fire Demon. The journey through Bound By Flame will change radically according to the relationship the Hero has with the demon. The reactions of the various characters and of the Hero's companions, and the very way the story unfolds will depend entirely on their decisions. Each of the choices the Hero makes will have an influence, not only on what and who is around them, but also on themself. The more of their humanity they lose and the more demonic powers they gain, the more their appearance is transformed and corrupted.

Preserving the Hero's own humanity against the influence of your demon will enable them to hone their martial skills (two-handed weapons), their marksmanship skills (crossbows), or even their double blade skills and their special stealth abilities. Letting the demon take possession of part of the Hero's being will give them its force and its magical powers. Only then will they be able to unleash the fire powers on their enemies, and these powers will grow stronger and more devastating the more of the Hero's humanity they feed to the demon.

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