Crafting is a rich and deep customization system in Bound By Flame that allows players to customize and upgrade their items, armor and weapons throughout their journey through Vertiel. During the player's travels through the world they will loot items and components that can be essential in building the necessary upgrades for armor, weapons, traps, ammunition or even potions. In order to get some of the most potent and useful items in the game, crafting will be the only way to obtain them. The armor crafting is especially deep with some pieces boasting 3 slots that can be upgraded.


[edit] Crafting Components

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In Bound by Flame there is the option to loot items from dead bodies and chests throughout the world of Vertiel, there you will find core components essential for making necessary upgrades to equipment. There are several crafting resources, some of them with multiple quality levels such as Metal; which can be raw or refined. Many of these resources will also have a tainted variant available to find which implies new crafting attributes.

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Getting the best equipment isn't easy as low quality materials are abundant, however only the high quality materials can be used to craft the best equipment available. However, many low quality materials can be used to create a single higher quality material, for example 3 coins will let you craft a piece of raw metal, and 4 raw metal pieces will let you craft a piece of refined metal.

Another source of materials will come from harvesting them from unwanted weapons and armor. Should a new and better piece of armor or weapon be found, you may want to swap your old one out for the new, but you can also dismantle the old one to harvest materials that may be used to upgrade your new equipment.

[edit] Crafting Talents

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Due to the importance of Crafting in Bound By Flame you will also be able to level your character specifically for the task with an entire list of talents available to specialize your character for it. Becoming a master craftsman will mean you will require less materials and create more products. It also boosts the amount of loot you find.

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The amount of loot you can carry is limited, and should you reach the weight limit will be affect your characters maneuverability. However there are several limits that allow for the weight capacity to be increased meaning more items can be carried. Enhancing your recycling skill will also help in enlarging the capacity.

[edit] Utility Crafting

Vulcan is a useful mercenary who is proficient in the use of traps, crossbows and potions. However these consumables are finite and eventually you will need to craft more to restock.
Use consumables sparingly as you'll go through them quickly and need to use up resources restocking that could be otherwise used upgrading other equipment.

[edit] Armor and Weapons Crafting

You can wear four pieces of armor; chest, gloves, boots and helmet which can all be customized aesthetically and with various bonuses to fit the gameplay style of the player. Also customizable are weapons which is also in-depth and deep. For example the crossguards on swords can be emblazoned with unique designs as well as pommels for axes and hammers

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